80’s Giveaway Time!

It’s Giveaway Time! Okay, so, I was looking through old photo albums, and BAM! An 80’s picture shows up with my hair as big as I could possibly get it. And who doesn’t remember the 80’s with all of it’s hair dryers, crimping tools, and enough Aqua Net hairspray to withstand F5 tornadoes and gale force winds.

This woman is actually standing in the middle of a tornado. As you can see, the Aqua Net hairspray is keeping things rock solid.

Now, while I am not terribly anxious to show off my 80’s crimped, teased, and fluffed hair, I really, REALLY want to see yours! Yes ma’am, or sir, I will give you a free brand new hairdryer, just for sending your two favorite hootchies a picture of your best 80’s style hair. (You can email them to us at 2humblehootchies@gmail.com or drop them on our facebook post HERE) Did you sport a mullet? Bring that baby back with this hair dryer! Did you tease your hair until you had to duck to walk in doorways? Girl, you gonna need a hair dryer to get your best fluffy bangs! Maybe you weren’t alive during the 80’s but you are just feeling that neon; plastic bangles; lace, fingerless gloves, and legwarmers look… enter this contest with your best 80’s throwback look! 

Whether a current selfie in iconic clothing, or a real throwback Thursday… Show us your best 80’s look. The winner will be based on scientific data and perm tightness. No, it’s honestly gonna be based on our favorite picture, so send them in and laugh away the decades with us! We all did it, we may as well embrace it and try to win a prize with it!

Please send us your entry photo (by Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020) with a brief caption (whatever you want to say if you are chosen as the winner) and not only will you be featured on our winning blog post, you will have a chance to win a fabulous hair dryer and maybe some White Rain hairspray if they still make it. Have fun, and remember not to take yourself so seriously… especially if you ever back-combed your hair or let strangers know you were all business in the front, but party in the back!!!

*Check out these amazing products that were included in the giveaway photo:

12 Benefits at


and Neuma at https://neumabeauty.com/

Actual picture of business in the front and party in the back. Also known as the Mullet.

24 thoughts on “80’s Giveaway Time!

  1. I didn’t use hairspray often but I do recall many a day when I tried to get exactly that kind of ’80s hair for school. Thankfully there are no pictures that survived!

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  2. I’m glad you are having a give away,it’s a nice gesture especially during this hard period.
    Salons are still open here otherwise people’s wigs would be looking like that woman.haha

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    1. If we can cheer someone up with a giveaway, that is awesome! Fortunately our salons have reopened, so I don’t have to look like shaggy for much longer, lol!


    1. My daughter really loves the 80’s too. She loves the styles and the music so much! It really is funny to me because I just remember the 80’s with a little embarrassment, haha.


  3. A cool nostalgia trip to the 80s with Big Hair! It reminds me of the TV show Dynasty. I didn’t have a mullet but my sister had big hair. I’ll see if she’ll forward a photo.

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  4. The giveaway drive is in line with the spirit of the times. Rummaging through for the old pictures will bring back lots of memories. Good ones, I hope.

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