About Us

Congratulations! You’ve stumbled through the interwebs and found 2HumbleHootchies (Tena and Theresa). Welcome aboard! We are happy to have you. 2HumbleHootchies is not just a catchy name, there are two of us and we are indeed hootchies, lol (at least that’s what we like to call each other). And humble? We are paragons of humble magnificence. We met randomly in the parking lot of Radford University in Virginia in 2006 and we have been friends ever since.

Both of us have made it to our forties. We have two kids each (a son and a daughter for each of us), we are both artists, and are quite partial to rum. We each have a low-functioning dog, and both of us have men in our lives that we adore, and simultaneously want to set on fire. It’s not always a beautiful, sunny day in our neighborhoods, but damn if it isn’t funny as hell… even when it’s raining.

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