I know that we are all stressed out during this Covid pandemic and everyone might be on a shorter fuse than normal. However, I just assumed decent customer service might still be expected, especially when I “buy” your smile in the form of an extra tip.

This tip was lost on the woman wearing a large crucifix necklace who delivered my groceries and was so rude to me, I honestly didn’t even know how to react. 

Today, I ordered my normal amount of groceries, which included two of the smaller cases of water (I usually buy the biggest size water, maybe a 48 count, and I broke it down into two cases of 24 so that the shopper wouldn’t have to haul a huge case of water up my stairs), and a lot of sports drinks for Richy. I have a friendly text conversation with this shopper about things that have to be substituted and refunded, etc… During this exchange, I texted her the following: “Oh, just while I’m thinking about it… I don’t know why, but Instacart never tells you guys that I am in an upstairs apartment over a house. When you come up… come through the side gate and up the stairs outside. No one lives downstairs…” Clearly I live upstairs; at least I thought this was clear.

Well, she finishes the shopping and arrives at my house. I meet her at the door so she doesn’t have to try to hold groceries and knock. So, this woman comes up the stairs with a load of groceries, and proceeds to let me know that I have several large items and now she has to bring them upstairs, and maybe next time I “should rethink my grocery order”. I was so surprised, I just sort of did a triple blink and said “Okay” with what I know was the most fake smile in the world plastered across my face. I think she realized she must have said something pretty crappy, because she was nice and smiling the rest of the time (including when she brought the rest of my groceries back after forgetting to leave the toilet paper and bread). I had no words. My daughter was on speaker phone with me at the time and she was livid.

I have my groceries delivered because 1. I am disabled; and 2. I am immunocompromised and cannot be out in the Covid crap just yet. And yes I AM aware that my steps are a bitch and I tip extra just for that. I’m just so appalled that someone who signed up voluntarily to do this delivery service had the audacity to expect me to change my order to meet their standards. I’m really just stunned. Also, my daughter was ready to come through the phone at this woman.

I didn’t take back the tip, but I really have no idea what possessed this woman to come at me sideways that way. I kind of feel like if you can’t be bothered to deliver groceries to an upstairs apartment, maybe YOU should rethink signing up with a delivery service.

I apologize that today is a bit of a rant, but it’s not like I don’t give a damn about having people come up and down my stairs with a bunch of groceries, but I didn’t MAKE them deliver them… they signed up for this. I have always (excepting today) also handed every other delivery person an extra $5.00 bill because I feel bad about the stairs, and I don’t know if they get 100% of the tip I leave on the app. But not today. I really had to stop myself from Sparta-Kicking her down my staircase. There’s just no point in being so hateful.

Warrior II Drone by ScharkSpark

We had entirely too much fun testing out this little pocket drone. Especially my son (The Imp). He had this little gizmo all over the house (yes it is small enough to comfortably fly in the house). The Warrior II comes with easy to read instructions and outside of a few minutes charging time for the battery it is basically ready to go right out of the box – something that is always a plus if you have an impatient crew like mine that loves a new gadget. We’ve flown it several times, both indoors as well as outside, and it performs wonderfully in both arenas. Even if it is a bit windy outside this little Warrior holds its own. Note I said a bit windy... this little drone is not meant to go up against big gusts of wind, if you do that while it is high up in the air you’ll probably lose it.

We got around ten (10) minutes of flight and hover time out of each charge so no issues there. Especially since ScharkSpark offers you a second battery (and extended warranty) for free! My free battery and bonus spare parts arrived within a matter of days after requesting it.

This model drone is small and collapsible. It really lives up to the term “pocket drone” as it fit in my son and husbands pockets easily – I didn’t try it in mine because we all know that the pockets on women’s attire will barely hold a pack of gum *heh heh*.

Anywho, we also loved the fact that you don’t have to be an experienced drone pilot in order to enjoy flying The Warrior II. If you have ever tried piloting a drone or any remote control device like this you probably understand what I mean. There is generally quite the learning curve and there wasn’t much of one with this. Everyone in the house was able to get the hang of operating it within minutes. Also, the lights made flying this at night or in dim areas fun as well. It looked like we had our own little UFO.

When it came to the drones operation, we did notice that it wasn’t able to instantly switch directions. But it did, fly, hover and move with relative ease. It’s flip mode (which we all loved) does work well and almost instantly. We did have to be a patient when switching modes/functions. It took it a couple of seconds to switch gears so to speak.

Overall in our opinion you can’t beat what you are getting for this price! We would highly recommend this drone to anyone.


Easy to operate
Travel Ready/Portable
Responsive Controls
Long Flight Time For The Size
Well Lit


Not really a con but the small size of this drone can make it an easy victim to a sudden harsh gust of wind.
We did wish it had a camera but for the size and cost I wouldn’t expect it to come with one.

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Game Night Fun!

The weekend is here and we are ready for it! Nothing like rounding up friends and family for some food and fun! I never tire of playing games and with the variety of available games out there you shouldn’t either. I’ve even found out that there has been a new spin put on some old classics.

Uno now has blank customizable cards (where you write in what you want the player after you to do) and a card that once played causes you to swap hands with another player. (I was not ready to trade in my three cards for fourteen but it happened lol)

I hadn’t played the board game Sorry in eons and after getting a new game around the holidays we noticed that there are some changes to this game as well. You no longer need to pull a 1 or a 2 to get out of start, the slide areas on the board are now color coded with three colors each so you can only slide if your token color is one of the three on the slide bar and you now have three tokens of each color instead of four.

In my world classic playing cards are a must. Gin, rummy, hearts, spades and more can all be played using a regular deck of playing cards. So if having a large array of games sitting around isn’t your thing you can still have quite the variety of games at your fingertips as long as you have cards on hand

When it comes to snacks there isn’t much that my crew won’t eat but Lays Classic Potato Chips are always a crowd pleaser. Plain, dipped, partially crushed lol it doesn’t matter we love these things. Our current thirst quenching favorite would be the flavored waters by Nestle! With orange, grape, lemon, wild berry and more there is definitely something for everyone with this brand.

We haven’t cracked into the Zombie Opoly yet so that one is first in line for this weekend. What games do you all like to play? Have you noticed any changes with old favorites?

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VANDIMI Wide Calf Knee High Boots for Women

We love boots.

It’s a well known fact in our social circle that my daughter (The Sprite) and I love a nice pair of boots. At any given time we have two dozen or more pair that we are currently wearing around and bout town. Some people actually come up to us just to see what boots we have on that day. So we seldom pass up the chance to add to our ever growing collection.

However, all boots are not created equal. Finding a pair that fits our criteria of equal parts cute and comfortable isn’t always as easy as we make it look. We really lucked out on this latest pair we ordered online. Below you will find our thoughts on out latest find.

We love the look and feel of these boots from VANDIMI! My daughter and I wear the same sized shoes and we get nothing but compliments each time we wear them. The two tone design makes them perfect for dressing up denim and they go with a large variety of outfits in an array of colors. The low heel gives you a little “lift” but not enough to make them uncomfortable to walk in for extended periods of time

There is plenty of room in the calf area of these boots. Noticeably more than the other boots we currently have, but not so much that they feel loose or baggy when on. NOTE: These boots are fleece lined so they do keep your feet and legs nice and warm. With that said, I’d suggest keeping that in mind if you plan on ordering them to wear during the warmer months of the year in your region.

Fashionable / Stylish
Easy to lace up
Low Heel

None that we could find

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You Win Some and Lose Some…

The funny thing about product testing is the fact that not everything is a winner or even close to it while on the flip side, some items really turn around and surprise you. I have to admit that overall most of the things that I have tried have been good (if not great) and also well worth their money while other things have left me with that “I knew I should have turned off that infomercial and not fallen for that” feeling.

I bought a product advertised as a Star Wars Gifts 3D Lamp for my son as a birthday gift (He’s a December baby just like his mama) while I didn’t expect NASA training simulator quality from this item I did expect more than the glorified “flat lamp” that I received. When the title and description are misleading it leaves a bad taste in my mouth as a consumer. My money does not grow on trees and I don’t care for someone taking me for a ride to get it.

Here’s what I left on Amazon – This a 3.5-4 star item for me, simply because I feel the 3D portion of its claims is more than a bit misleading. I’ve had a lot of pseudo 3D items in my life and this isn’t among them. This item is pretty cool and something that I think most die hard Star Wars fans (young and old) would like but I have a real issue with it being called 3D… because it’s not, it’s not even “kinda 3Dish”. It’s a nice light with a unique look to it that functions well and has many colors but 3D it isn’t. If you give this to anyone over 11 or 12 years of age they are going to give you a well deserved “look” for trying to pass this off as 3D. Otherwise I’m okay with this item even if I feel that “Unique Star Wars Lamp” would be a better title for this product. – Do I feel completely duped? No. Would I buy it again? No

Next on my lists of disappoints is a much bigger flop in the form of the AFOUR 3 in 1 Foot File and Shaver – I have not felt or seen something this cheap outside of a bargain bin in a good long while. If you are a child of the 70’s or 80’s I’m sure you remember Cindy or Judy dolls (Barbie’s dollar store doppelganger – I had all of them so I’m not being snooty I mention this for a reason lol –>) This thing was definitely the Cindy or Judy of foot files. It had zero heft to it and the plastic mold it was made with wasn’t even trimmed cleanly. The handle actually felt and looked like one of those 10 cent kazoos you’d get at a birthday party in the grab bag that moms would put together for the other kids. For the quality, or lack thereof, save yourself 7 of the 10 dollars that they sell this for and just get these items at the Dollar Tree.

Now on to the pleasant surprises. First up is the USB Rechargeable Flameless Electronic Arc Lighter sold by RONXS. We all fell in love with this thing. We probably all looked and sounded like Beavis and Butthead (Fire… Fire, Fire!)  But it’s a really nice tool to have around especially if you are an avid candle burner like we are. Once the bigger candles get low in the jar or the wick gets small on any sized candle they can be almost impossible to get lit and if you are trying to light something outdoors, the wind is your enemy, and this item fixes all of those problems without increasing your carbon footprint because it’s rechargeable!

Another win was the ALWUP Stereo Gaming Headset – As a gamer I can’t tell you how nice it feels to have a good headset. Everything from sound quality to game immersion relies on the headphones strapped to your head. Being able to hear the people you are playing with as well as the game itself are all things to consider and this item truly delivered! My favorite feature would be the light on the tip of the microphone. As a person the often plays in the dark it’s nice to be able to tell at a glance whether or not my mic is up or down. They were really comfortable, in fact, after a while I kinda forgot I had them on. If I were to need a second pair I’d buy another set of these.

So there you have it, a little year end review (several days late… but I digress, life has been a busy thing) I hope all of you have had a pleasant start to 2019!

Magic Saksak Silicone Dishwashing Gloves and Goodlylife Activated Carbon Filter

The Gloves – These are a bit bulkier than I expected but they do work great. (Since I don’t have to actually touch the little cleaning fibers they don’t feel odd like the scrubbers I reviewed earlier this month found HERE) Since the silicone material they are made of is decently thick, they allow you to wash dishes in fairly hot water which is what I prefer. While the size/bulk of them did take some getting used to they worked well and all of the scrubbing feelers on the palms and fingers of the gloves made short work of the pile of dishes I had in front of me. My only warning would be that despite the bulk and size on the outside they are not designed for larger hands on the inside. My husband could not get these on easily and they looked like they were about rip as he tried to get it off.

Pros – Durable – Easy to Use – Sanitary – Cost Effective
Cons – Bulky – Not Made For Larger Hands

The Water Filter – This is a really nice filter. If you have an issue with cloudy tap water, this will fix it for you in no time flat. It installed in minutes with no issues which is something my husband loved about this product because the filters we used before could be a little tricky to get lined up.

There is no longer sediment showing on our dishes and the water tastes better than ever. Hope this helps someone considering this item.

Pros – Easy to Install – Long Lasting – Great Value
Cons – None That I could See

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Review: Silicone Scrubbers by M MOACC

M MOACC Silicone Scrubbers Non Stick Dishwashing Brush Kitchen Fruit Vegetables Dish Cleaning Pack 4 by M MOACC

I am so very much on the fence with how best to review these. I say this because it made the following claims (in bold and my commentary follows)

Material: Eco-friendly durable silicone – It is Eco-friendly and durable. I see these far outlasting several packs of sponges

Antibacterial silicone sponges are odorless, non-toxic and wear-resistant, different from traditional sponge – It doesn’t hold on to every little thing like sponges and rags do so it lived up to this claim as well, no smells to report.

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe: This silicone sponge scrubber and brush can withstand high temperatures, will not deform – It came out of its journey through the dish washing cycle, just as it went in.

Quick dry silicone sponges scrubber is Non-water absorbent prevent the breeding of bacteria. Soft, flexible and safe to use – The scrubber itself does dry swiftly. It does not hold on to much water at all.

Silicone washing sponge can be used as fruits scrubber, vegetables scrubber, bottles brush, shower brush, even can use to clean dog hairs  – It worked great on the fruit and to scrub the counters and stove top

If it did all of that as it claimed I’m sure you are confused as to why I’m on the fence. I’ll do my best to explain. I have been washing dishes by hand for 30 years. Call me old fashioned, but there are a few things I’m just flat out used to and these little scrubbers didn’t do most of those things. Here’s my dish washing routine in a nutshell. I fill a sink full of hot soapy water, soak the dishes for a bit, then wash them. While washing, I put soap on the sponge, grab a dish, scrub it good then sit it in the empty side of the sink to await rinsing. So in layman’s terms, I’m accustomed to a soapy washing device (sponge or cloth) that in turn soaps up my dirty dish as it cleans it. These scrubbers don’t hold on to soap and to be honest they felt rather weird in my hand and it felt strange moving against the dishes.

I know, I know I’m 2 minutes away from sounding like Rainman but it’s the truth. It just felt “off”. Even after half a dozen uses it just didn’t feel right.

Also, I’m sure I’m not the only one that also uses my sponge to tidy up the counter tops and the stove. These do decently well scrubbing but it leaves a soggy mess behind because they are not absorbent in the least. So, unlike with a sponge, where you can scrub with one side and then wipe and dry with the other, you have to enlist the aid of another cleaning item for that if you are using these. Another thing worth noting, is the fact that the little hanging loop also snags on items like forks, spoon handles, knives, etc.

So overall, I have to give these a 3.5 out of 5. Yes, they do what they say they will do but I’m not ready to trade in my sponge or dishcloth for these yet.

Packaging: 5 out of 5
Performance and Usefulness: 3.5 out of 5
Value: 4 out of 5

Review: The Tracing Light Box by Veidoo

Tracing Light Box, Veidoo A4 LED Tracer Light Pad/Box/Board for Artists, Drawing, Sketching, Animation, X-ray Viewing, Tattoo Transferring (A4) – Veidoo Sold by: Chaoxin

This item arrived on time, intact as well as dent and ding free due to the excellent packaging, so kudos to the shipping department.

The Tracing Light Box by Veidoo came with easy to follow instructions, a USB cord to power the device (fits all of my wall adapters as well as the USB ports on my computers) and 2 metal clips to hold the images and paper you will be using in place.  

As soon as this item made its way into the living room both kids (ages 16 and 22) were all over it. It was love at first sight and the ideas of what to do with it were plentiful. It powers on and off with the touch of a button and adjusting the brightness level is just as easy. The 16 year old got his hands on it first and had a tracing of Ironman from an activity book done in no time. He didn’t even glance at the instructions and he was able to figure out how to operate this device in under a minute. With that said, it is definitely what I would call user friendly.

My neighbor came over and as a fellow artist she was in love with this item as well and asked my son to trace a piece of artwork he’d gotten at a comic book convention for her. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, he did a time lapse video of that process you will see attached to this review.

All in all, this item performed above and beyond my expectations. It works so well, I wish I had one just like it in a larger size for bigger projects. I have several ideas for this item myself.

Type C Headphones Sold By: LSHENG

Type C Headphones, USB C Hi-Fi Stereo Digital Earbuds Sweatproof In-Ear Earphones with Mic Compatible with Google Pixel 2,Samsung Note 8,S8/S8+/S9,S9+, Moto Z, HTC U11, Essential PH-1 etc Sold by: LSHENG

I ordered this product and had several people try it on different phones with the C type port and it does not work to listen to music or videos from any source (saved on phone, play store, YouTube, website, etc.). You can make calls and even then people can’t hear you or can barely hear you. I have contacted the seller and am awaiting a response. I may update this review depending on the outcome of my interactions with the seller.

I also feel I must say that they “felt” cheap and I had a hard time getting them to stay in my ears and even when they were in, they were not comfortable in any way. I was constantly aware of them in my ears because of the poor fit and they popped out every few minutes no matter how many times or which way I adjusted them.

NOTE: They have some very vague poorly done picture instructions printed on the back of the box that leave you guessing a bit with how to operate them. This item was not a winner for me. I wouldn’t buy them again or recommend them.

These get a 1 out of 5 from me overall.

Packaging: 5 out of 5
Performance: 1 out of 5
Value: 1 out of 5

Backflow Incense Waterfall Cones by CORCIO

Corcio 70pcs/box Lengthened Cone Tower Incense Backflow Incense Waterfall Cones for Incense Burner Holder about 15 Mins-Mixed incense by CORCIO

Item arrived on time and packaged well but mine were just the cones and did not come with the little Buddha statue holder.

I really really wanted to like this bundle of incense cones but they fell more than a little flat for me. Not only do most of them smell like something is burning in the bottom of your oven none of them last the fifteen minutes they claim. I had 13 at the most and anything over 11 or 12 makes it start to smell like you’ve lit the filter end of a cigarette. They leave a lot of excess goo behind as they burn so if you have a small pedestal holder like mine you may find incense goo running over the sides. All and all, I’d have to give these a 2.5 out of five (3 for amazon) some did smell okay and for the price of $7.99 for 70 you do get a decent amount of cones for your money even if I’d consider half unusable.

Packaging: 5 out of 5
Performance: 2 out of 5
Value: 3.5 out of 5

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 5