VANDIMI Wide Calf Knee High Boots for Women

We love boots.

It’s a well known fact in our social circle that my daughter (The Sprite) and I love a nice pair of boots. At any given time we have two dozen or more pair that we are currently wearing around and bout town. Some people actually come up to us just to see what boots we have on that day. So we seldom pass up the chance to add to our ever growing collection.

However, all boots are not created equal. Finding a pair that fits our criteria of equal parts cute and comfortable isn’t always as easy as we make it look. We really lucked out on this latest pair we ordered online. Below you will find our thoughts on out latest find.

We love the look and feel of these boots from VANDIMI! My daughter and I wear the same sized shoes and we get nothing but compliments each time we wear them. The two tone design makes them perfect for dressing up denim and they go with a large variety of outfits in an array of colors. The low heel gives you a little “lift” but not enough to make them uncomfortable to walk in for extended periods of time

There is plenty of room in the calf area of these boots. Noticeably more than the other boots we currently have, but not so much that they feel loose or baggy when on. NOTE: These boots are fleece lined so they do keep your feet and legs nice and warm. With that said, I’d suggest keeping that in mind if you plan on ordering them to wear during the warmer months of the year in your region.

Fashionable / Stylish
Easy to lace up
Low Heel

None that we could find

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Dr. Foot’s Shock Absorption PU Sports Insoles – 1 Pair (M | 5.5~7 US Women’s)

Shock Absorption PU Sports Insoles for Sore Feet Relief, Massaging, Running and Hiking – 1 Pair (M | 5.5~7 US Women’s) by Dr. Foot

Overall I’d give this product 4 out of 5 stars.

This item arrived on time and packaged appropriately for the product. No problems with that at all.

The insoles are well made and are good quality. Even without the included instructions (which were clear and concise) I don’t see anyone having an issue figuring out how to use this product.

Now on to why I gave this item the rating listed above.

They slid into my favorite walking shoes without any hassle and they are super comfortable but for some reason they made my right foot turn outward as I walked and stood. Thinking that there was a chance that it was my foot that was truly the issue, I had my daughter try them out as well (we wear the same sized shoes) and sure enough, her right foot and the right foot only was doing the same thing.

We also tried these insoles in a pair of knee high boots that we are fond of wearing and they went in the boots without any problem but the issue with our right foot turning out some was present in the boots as well.

They also made my heels feel as if they may slip out of my shoes but that is not something that actually happened and that feeling may go away once I get used to having the insoles. I fully intend to keep using them as they are really comfortable (made my shoes feel like new again) and the issues above are minor (my foot was not turning out so badly that it was uncomfortable but it was noticeable). I will come update this in a few weeks to see if any of the above issues resolve after wearing them for a while.

NOTE: The sizing for this product is based on men’s shoe sizes so the medium sized 5.5 – 7 fit perfectly into my size 9 women’s shoes. The seller has addressed several questions concerning the sizing if you are feeling uncertain about what size you may need.

Packaging: 5 out of 5
Performance: 3.5 out of 5
Value: 5 out of 5

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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