Magic Saksak Silicone Dishwashing Gloves and Goodlylife Activated Carbon Filter

The Gloves – These are a bit bulkier than I expected but they do work great. (Since I don’t have to actually touch the little cleaning fibers they don’t feel odd like the scrubbers I reviewed earlier this month found HERE) Since the silicone material they are made of is decently thick, they allow you to wash dishes in fairly hot water which is what I prefer. While the size/bulk of them did take some getting used to they worked well and all of the scrubbing feelers on the palms and fingers of the gloves made short work of the pile of dishes I had in front of me. My only warning would be that despite the bulk and size on the outside they are not designed for larger hands on the inside. My husband could not get these on easily and they looked like they were about rip as he tried to get it off.

Pros – Durable – Easy to Use – Sanitary – Cost Effective
Cons – Bulky – Not Made For Larger Hands

The Water Filter – This is a really nice filter. If you have an issue with cloudy tap water, this will fix it for you in no time flat. It installed in minutes with no issues which is something my husband loved about this product because the filters we used before could be a little tricky to get lined up.

There is no longer sediment showing on our dishes and the water tastes better than ever. Hope this helps someone considering this item.

Pros – Easy to Install – Long Lasting – Great Value
Cons – None That I could See

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