Fun Find – LitterBox Comics!

I’m so sorry I’ve been so quiet over here for so long. I’ll be getting back into the swing of things very soon! I’d like to thank all of you for your patience! Since I’m still in the process of writing and editing things, I thought I’d share this funny find with you in the mean time. If you need a laugh – do not hesitate to head over to to get your fix of hilarity!

My Husband @mawadu78 actually had
a very similar incident many years ago with @thevirginiaimp

Blogging… How Did You Get Here?

In lieu of a long intro and a lot of hubbub, I’m going to cut right to the point of this short post.

What made all of you become bloggers?

I’m curious because I know when I started off on this adventure, I didn’t set out to become a blogger but that is where I happily ended up.

I wanted to share my experiences with people, places and products with others and it evolved into this.

Do you have a favorite platform? (Twitter, IG, Pinterest, Facebook etc.) Do you have one you can’t stand? Have you found any tools you can’t live without? (Tailwinds, MailChimp, etc.) Have you run into any scams? Are your family and friends supportive? Did you start out with a free blog or did you jump all in and get a premium paid blog with all the bells and whistles? Whats the biggest mistake you made starting out? Do you work mostly on your laptop or your phone?

Please feel free to share your story in the comments. I’d love to hear more about what makes you tick and your journey.

Nothing Like having Kids LOL

I’m behind on posting because life has been a busy busy thing, so I thought I’d drop something to make you all laugh today. Hang in there everyone, the weekend is approaching…. YOU CAN DO IT!!! * hugs*

We all know or remember this feeling… ease the baby down slowly then back away as quietly as you can all while praying the door won’t creak as you shut it lol
Trying your best to clean with a toddler in the house is an accident waiting to happen. We’ve all been “rear-ended” like this before… (same applies if you have a cat or dog too)
This on needs no explanation heh heh heh
My parents were kings of this one… I’m not bad at it myself. Teenagers will test you in ways you never thought possible. *WooSaaaa* (@mawadu78 me and @thevirginiaimp lol)
I once found one under the drivers seat of my car in the middle of July with my first child – like an idiot, I opened it. Never… NEVER again did I make that mistake. Directly in the trash is the only place for long lost anything with dairy in it.
No matter how the internet uses this cat I find myself relating LOL

Hope I was able to get you giggling. Have a great Thursday and thank you for stopping by my little corner of the web! The memes used in this post were found HERE on Buzzfeed!

Wine, Moths and Snakes… OH NO!

I’m a wine lover.

In my world there is no better way to wrap up a nice evening than to pour a glass of wine, step outside on the deck and sip away as I look up at the stars.

This is exactly what I was doing a few nights ago as I enjoyed the warm spring night here in the mountains of Virginia. However, with the porch light on, nature – in the form of flying insects, were flocking to the walkway on my deck in droves. Overwhelmed at an alarming rate, and having no desire to end up with bugs in my wine – I grab the insect spray, pointed it at the porch light and sprayed away.

Content with my thorough dousing of the insects I dash back a few steps to avoid getting hit by the over-spray. When I turn around to see the results, I’m met with the most startling sight.

A snake.

A large snake.

A large, long pissed off snake about 3 feet from my face… ho shit!!

The following takes place:

Me: *blinks in stunned silence at the sight before me but remains quiet and motionless*

Snake: *Hisses at me in an agitated manner as it starts to unfurl from the porch light*

Me: *Calls husband’s name as I continue to watch my scaly visitor move*

Husband: “Yes, Baby?”

Snake: *hiss hiss*

Me: Thinking – *I’m so sorry Mister Snake. If I had know you were there I would have never sprayed you like that – in fact I would have kept me and my wine sipping in the house… my apologies* – Calls Husband’s name 3 times in a row* (It’s all I can manage to do)

Husband: *Comes to the door* “What’s wrong?”

Me: “There’s a snake on the porch light and it’s slowly moving toward me.”

Husband: O.o *looks over at light through the screen door* “F*ck!!”

Me: “Yeah, kinda my thought too. Could you slowly open the screen door so it’s between me and our uninvited guest? I’d really appreciate not being out here any longer.”

Husband: *opens door – So I can slide inside*

Okay, so now I’m inside the house and safe but there is still a decent sized snake on the porch light (it’s well over three feet long). It’s almost midnight and I have no desire to let him slither off to hide somewhere else outside on the deck or patio. My husband (The Satyr) is not a “Man versus Wild” kind of guy but he arms up with a broom, puts his sneakers on and grabs a flash light. He’s about as ready as he can get at the hour on short notice.

Luckily for all of us, the adult children were home and had just settled into bed so I go knock.

Me: *knock knock knock*

My daughter The Sprite: “Yes?”

Me: I hate to disturb you guys at this hour but I need your help getting this snake off the porch light.

The Sprite: “Mommy, that doesn’t make any sense??!”

Her Fiance: “I think it does, Honey. I’m pretty sure your mom said there is a snake on the deck light and I need to go help take care of it.”

The Sprite: “Why is there a snake!!??”

Me: Thinking – *that’s a valid question that I have no answer for. I’m just as shocked as you are*

We all are up and about now. My son, The Imp, takes one look at the situation, calls the snake a nope rope and a danger noodle and immediately decides wants nothing to do with the fiasco before taking up residence on the couch. The rest of us go outside in our Pjs armed with – 2 flashlights, the kitchen broom, a plastic pole, some work gloves, a knife and a push broom…. yes this has us all looking as ridiculous as it sounds.

About fifteen minutes later we had the snake taken care of and all is well but I’d have to say that was the last thing I expected from deciding to step outside with my Chardonnay.

Have you guys had any interesting run ins with nature? Please feel free to share.

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The Imp of the Reverse

Every now and again life comes at us all pretty fast. Luckily for us it brings a good measure of humor along with it.

For example, my husband and my son last week. My son (The Imp) is 16, and like most 16 year-olds, he is ten foot tall and bulletproof. Thanks to a TV show (The Golden Girls) and a short conversation, it comes to our son’s awareness that we have an attic…. an attic he has never been in and the following unfolds –

Son: Can we get into our attic?

Husband: Yes, we can.

Son: How?

Husband: Move the access panel, grab the ladder and climb in.

Son: I want to go in the attic and look around!

Husband: It’s kind of late.

Me: Why don’t you wait until this weekend. That way your dad can bring in the ladder and help you into the attic.

Son: I bet I can do it with a chair!

Me and Husband: *exchange look*

Me: Why don’t we just wait.

Son: Nah, I have enough upper body strength. I can pull myself into that opening… no problem.

Me and Husband: *exchange look number two*

Son: *scurries down the hall wearing a big grin while carrying a dining room chair*

*clink* *rustle rustle* *bump* *grunt* groan*

~~~ Silence ~~~


Husband: *is already getting up from the couch*


Husband reports the sight of two legs and feet hanging out of the opening in the ceiling, a tipped over step stool that was apparently put on top of the chair for added lift, a wooden shield (we are still uncertain as to its role in this whole fiasco) and the coat rack that has been ripped out of the wall and is lying in a heap on the floor amongst the crumpled jackets… backing out of the attic had not gone as smoothly as getting in it would seem.

The Imp was fine (a little scuffed up but in high spirits). Instead of waiting and going into the attic over the weekend as we suggested, he spent that time learning how to patch drywall.

Never a dull moment. lol

Any of you have some fun child rearing stories to share?

The Satyr (My Husband) by JeCorey Holder Artist Extraordinaire

The Nymph Needs New Glasses or The Lackadaisical Bug

One day I was at my desk doing my work thing, looking over documents and reports before I printed them. As I perused the text in front of me I see a random comma, so I move the cursor and delete it. I keep going and what do ya know…another random comma…then another…at that point I was thinking, WOW I must be really off my game today.

I could not have been more wrong

As I finished up I saw what looked like  a random comma…outside the margins

O.o wtf right?

No, it was not a comma at all, just a teeny tiny slow moving bug without anything better to do than travel up and around my monitor at its own leisurely pace…what a day and only me *sighs*

The attached picture has no bearing on this case… it is for you viewing pleasure only.


You gotta love married life. Because if you don’t, you’ll end up on trial for murder with the burden of explaining to a jury of your peers why you left a man hanging by his toes. Relationships are a constant unyielding mix of ups, downs, highs and lows like no other and when you add in the two kids life’s dull moments are few and far between in my world.

This brings me to today’s mini tale. A few weeks ago I was sitting on the couch in the living room as my husband rummaged through the cabinets in the kitchen. After some time, he makes the following statement: “We are almost out of salt.”

I know this is not true because salt is one of those things I buy almost in bulk. When I get salt I get no less than three containers but generally six. I have enough salt to survive the apocalypse at any given time. But I digress. The following conversation then takes place.

“Hunny, I’m sure we have some salt.”

“No we don’t, I looked and we don’t have any outside what little is in the shaker.”


“Nope, I’ve looked everywhere in the cabinets. There’s no containers of salt and the shaker is almost empty.”

I sigh and say, “Okay, well pick some up on your way home tomorrow.”

*Next Day*

I hear the soft tinkling of the salt shaker before my husband says, “Man, the salt is really low now.”

“Did you pick some up?”


I sit in stunned silence but say nothing more.

This repeats itself for two more days before my husband goes in the kitchen to cook something for dinner so he’s pulling spices out, sitting them on the counter doing his husband about to cook food for the family kind of thing when I hear the sounds of discovery.

“Hey Baby, there is salt in here.”

“You don’t say.”

“Yup, there’s an almost full container of salt in here so I don’t need to go to the store and get some like you asked me to.”

I let out a soft sounding ummhmm and the expression on my daughters face is priceless. (The Sprite has a face almost as expressive as her mother’s… we’d make horrible poker players and  spies) She’s been watching this whole thing play out over several days and I can tell she’s moments away from saying “but isn’t that what mommy said about the salt a few days ago?” so I put my finger to my lips in the universal signal for shhhh and just let him live in the happy place where there’s plenty of salt and he didn’t have to go to the store because I thought we were out.

Life is indeed what you make of it. Sometimes it’s best to stay silent, take the highroad and smile.

A Few of My Favorite Things…

Hello there, all. I hope the holidays as well as 2019 has treated you well. Things were decently calm and full of much love over here so I have no complaints. We had a low key meal which focused on favorites and we only lost the dog under the excess wrapping paper for about an hour or so. He had no idea what to make of all the fuss but he took it in stride.

People often say “it’s the little things in life” and I know that sounds cliché, humdrum and even eye-roll worthy at times but by and large I find that saying to be true. Out of the gifts I received it was a coffee mug and T-shirt that ended up being my favorites (pictured below).

The coffee mug is a simple black cup with white text on it that says “there’s a chance this is vodka,” lol. If you knew me personally you’d know that truer words have probably not been spoken because during the course of a week there is a very good chance that vodka mixed with something will indeed make its way inside my coffee cup at some point in time… that, or wine. * heh heh *

The other gift (a custom made T-shirt) has a bit more story behind it. I had returned home one rainy late fall day in a mood most foul. Upon exiting the vehicle, stomping up the driveway and plodding up to the gate that goes across our walkway I took my foot and kicked it open. While this sounds simple enough, it wasn’t, my righteous mood and previous training in martial arts swirled together causing me to put enough oomph behind that well executed kick to not only open the gate but to splinter it off its hinges (not my most shining moment) I didn’t even realize I had damaged it to that point until someone else came in behind me and was like, “What on earth happened to the poor gate?” *cue me looking quite sheepish*. When I slowly raised my little hand and ducked my blushing face my daughters boyfriend looks at me, breaks into open laughter and says, “Daaayaaamn Tae Kwon Jodi!” … hence the shirt. We all got a big kick out of it (full pun intended) when I unwrapped it Christmas morning.

We still get a good fit of giggles out of it even now despite the fact that the gate is now fixed thanks to my husbands ingenuity, a few screws and some gorilla glue, but yeah… from now on I think I’ll keep both feet on the ground but I’ll continue to wear my shirt with a smirk on my face and laughter in my heart.

Parenting Life Episode #247: The Sleepover Part 116

My son (The Imp) and his BFF have been friends for almost seven years. They have gone through, elementary school, middle school and now in high school together. His BFF lives a convenient house over from us, so more often than not, they are together on a weekend. Fun times need to be had, right? Watching them grow up and turn into young men has been a wondrous thing… but often a wondrous thing full of oddities and laughter (as you’ll see below).

*Bump Thump Thump Bang Whack…. Groan*
Me: What’s going on in there?
Son’s BFF: He’s not being a very cooperative dead body.
Me: … … but everything’s okay right?
Me: Hello?
Son’s BFF: Yeah, everything’s good.
Me: Let me hear from the dead body as well.
The Imp: I’m good!
Me: Okay, carry on (bumping and thumping resumes) *looks at The Sprite who’s sitting beside me on the couch* Did you hear me ask to hear from the dead body?
The Sprite: *Shakes her head and giggles* Mommy’s silly.

Indeed I am a silly goose. Life is a thing to be enjoyed and since none of us are getting out alive we might as well laugh and smile while we can.

Merry Whizz-mas… and What’s Up With This Tea?

I’m sure you guys have figured out that I work from home. All of the things that the Nymph does from website testing, product testing, fiction writing and painting happily takes place within my four walls more often than not. As such, I am apt to take breaks to do mundane everyday things like laundry, vacuuming and dishes. Well our tale begins on one of those dish doing days.

I was standing at the sink washing dishes and simultaneously testing out a set of wireless headphones while talking to my gal pal known as the Elf (found here on the interwebs and she’s a riot so check her out). We’re giggling and carrying on as per usual when I hear a strange noise coming from behind me. I pause my conversation with her by saying “hold on a second babe” as I turn off the water. I then hear what sounds like the faintest of liquid trickles in the background. Thinking someone left the faucet on in the bathroom, I turn around only to find the family dog whizzing away on the Christmas tree… and not just the tree, he got a pair of shoes and a decent sized spot on the carpet too… da fuq?

I shout his name and it startles him into a trot and dribble so now I have a damp tree, a soaked pair of shoes and a spotted trail of dog pee going across the living room carpet. My daughter and her boyfriend (it was his shoes that caught the flood) come out to see why I’m admonishing the dog and well… lets just say that our favorite canine familiar spent his afternoon outside in the backyard where he could whizz on all the trees he’d like.  I love our little four legged fluff ball but I was less than impressed with his antics.

Fast forward to the following evening.

Everyone is bustling around in the kitchen fixing snacks and what not when my daughter, the Sprite, decides she wants a nice hot cup of chai tea steeped to perfection via the Keurig. In goes the pod, out comes a coffee cup then one button press later and she’s in business. We have several sensitive tummies in the house so almond and soy milk are our most welcome friends. Kept usually on the bottom door shelf of the fridge along with whatever bottled juice we are consuming that week. The Sprite opens the fridge, grabs a carton, opens it up and pours it in her tea…. but it seems suspiciously clear. Thinking it needed a good shake, she does that and proceeds to pour more clear (and slightly oily) liquid in her tea…qué?

Holding the carton up for inspection, she then realizes that she had mistakenly grabbed the half used container of chicken broth from the previous nights dinner. Care for a cup of chicken chai tea anyone?

Ahhhh just another day in the life and I love it.