Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls – XL – Extra Large – 100% Natural Premium Organic by Sheep Soft 
Set of 6 – Cost $12.99 

They arrived on time and packaged well so I have no complaints there. For that, the webstore receives 5 out of 5 shipping packages from me. 

Now on to whether or not I feel this product is Cart Worthy or not…

I’m okay with these dryer balls but I’m not sure if I’m ready to give up dryer sheets just yet. They do seem to aid in drying time while simultaneously diminishing wrinkles but man are they noisy. Like wake you up from a nap thinking that people are trying to break in noisy. Sounds a lot like tennis shoes in the dryer to be honest. On top of the noise, they also don’t work very well on static cling.

The product came with no instructions (do I need to use 2 at a time? 4? all 6? Do the balls themselves need any sort of care?) so I had to guess on everything and we settled on 4 in the dryer at a time. Yes, there are some instructions in the ad on Amazon where I purchased them but what if I had sent these as a gift? I’d have assumed instructions some sort were included even if it was just a mere slip of paper that said: “Put 4 to 6 balls in your dryer per load. If product is wet, dry in machine or in direct sunlight. Do not store wet.” But this product came with nothing. Also, we tried using essential oils on them and thus far have not noticed our clothing smelling any different.

Does speed up drying time
All natural

No instructions
Doesn’t do much for static cling

I find these dryer balls to be a decently made product but I’m not giving up my dryer sheets for them. In my humble opinion I’d have to give these Wool Dryer Balls three out of five shopping carts and overall, I’d leave these on the virtual shelf, they are not a going home with me cart worthy item.

My Images of the actual Product:

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